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Hip Hop Ghostwriting & Rap Ghostwriting

major records, indie prices

 Our team of Ghostwriters & Producers have a more the 20 years of experience in the Rap & Hip Hop industry. With a hand in every genre, we can help create music that fits your personality while helping you deliver chart topping hits. Our professionalism and quality are second to none in the Hip Hop & Rap business. Our Hip hop Ghostwriters specialize in every and any style topping the charts across the world.

Keep it simple and let Rhyme or Reason Ghostwriting & Beats make your music career a success! 

Just fill out a form at the bottom of the Buy Lyrics page, and let us take care of the rest. 

Check out some customer reviews below!
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Our Philosophy

How it works

We offer more than just lyrics. Our Hip Hop Ghostwriters & Beat Makers construct your song from start to finish, beginning with your song idea to your vision for a custom beat, resulting in a product that careers are built on. No two Ghostwriting verses are the same, no two Rhyme Or Reason Beats are recycled, everything becomes your own personalized masterpiece. We deliver Rap & Hip Hop lyrics that leave fans rewinding, and  beats that grab your listener's attention.


Do you need a better reason?

Rhyme or Reason 

100% Confidential

We are in the business of making hit music, not headlines by disclosing our clientele. Upon purchase of any Hip Hop or Rap Ghostwriting, we send a signed "NDA"(Non-Disclosure Agreement). We have been tried & tested in this business and proven to be the most trustworthy service online.

Competitive Prices

1 Fill out a form on the Buy Lyrics or Buy Beats pages

2 Submit your payment over our secure PayPal service. (If Lyrics, you will receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If a Beat, you will receive a signed Rights & Royalties contract.)

3 Once your order is received, our Ghostwriters & Producers will get to work constructing your order

4 Upon completion, we will send your Lyrics along with an mp3 reference file. If a Beat order, .Wav files of your instruments will accompany your reference.

Our prices beat any of our  competitors' rates, we always deliver the best product, and with customer service & efficiency second to none in the industry. Guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

I don't know what to say, thank you fam we definitely workin in the future
South Africa
 Thank your guy's so much I love it. Its perfect.I will be back in a couple of weeks
United States
Perfect thank you #salute
United States
This is literally fire. Thank you so much for coming through again. Definitely going to use again and again and recommend to my other people who like to rap.
Thanks so much again
Texas, United States
That was Fast! And that's dope, love it. Appreciate that. and I look forward to doing business again very soon
United States
Wow, you went beyond expectations boss, that's what's up. Il def be back for more when I need it!
United States
This is the best I could've asked for. I'm so happy I went through you guys to do this. I will definitely be using ya'll again. Thank you so much
Texas, United States
this is fire man!!! This will be a hit, I will definitely be in touch with you this and more...
United States
Unreal work
this is gonna be a lot of fun in the booth, thanks a tonne.
Oh straight up respect, ya'll work is professional and on point, big time recommendations from me, and you'll be hearing a lot of me.
Big up and respect homie!
You and your team nailed it thank you so much for your work on this track. Honestly way better then I expected it would be, hit it out the ball park. will definitely be doing business with you again!
Hip Hop Ghostwriters & Rap Ghostwriters
Hip Hop Ghostwriters & Rap Ghostwriters
Hip Hop Ghostwriting & Rap Ghostwriting
Hip Hop Ghostwriting & Rap Ghostwriting
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