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Rhyme or Reason
We are a Writing and a Production team with 20 years of experience dedicated to giving you the sound and lyrics to take your music to the next level. With experience in a multitude of genres and representing for all over the country including New York, California, Florida, Puerto Rico, Chicago, and Connecticut. Starting from nothing into a nationwide writing and production juggernaut, let us give you the tools to compete against the industry's best.
Production Software
Propellerhead Reason
Propellerhead Reason Re-cycle
Propellerhead Reason Record
Adobe Audition CC 2015
Sonar X2 Producer Edition
Pro Tools 10
Serato DJ
Production Equipment
Akai MPK 49 Midid Keyboard
Korg Midi Controller
Blue Cardioid Condensor microphone
Tascam 8 Track recording studio
Anchor 1

A Bit of History on Hip Hop & Ghostwriters

Hip Hop and Rap Ghostwriting have been intertwined since the days of Rapper's Delight in 1979. Hip Hop & Rap are a connection of written words and beats, the Rapper is the bridge that connects the two worlds. We here at Rhyme and Reason want to give aspiring rappers a chance to climb out of the underground and help bring you to the center stage making your dreams a reality.

Then and Now

We walked in the shoes of artists, graced the stages as performers, but honestly it's not the money that drives our world, it's the music. The love of not only Hip Hop, but all music. What makes you feel is what pumps our hearts. We didn't become writers for acclaim, we didn't become performers to be known, it's for the soul that touches our fans, as your music will touch theirs. The cheers and roars that follow your every breath.

Welcome to your stage, the world of the music industry!

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