Samples from our Talented Hip Hop Ghostwriters

Childish Gambino Verse Sample - Crisis
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YoungBoy NBA/DaBaby Hook Sample - Flame
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Trap Verse Sample - Flame
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I make my own fortune, ask the colts how they luck played out
Runway style, my money stacked up, subway tiles
Vile if it consists of dollars, miles of the twisted chronic
Money is poison, the violence just a symptom of it
In the car thumbing through bills sound like a deck of cards 
New hundreds in my pocket, for spitting gifted bars
Grinding all night, like old brakes on the hooptie 
Leave them steaming like jacuzzi cause my money reproducing
I got money like that, yeah, I got money like that
I count twenty five stacks, another five in my stash
Brinks trucks pull up coming by for them bags
Wonder why the trucks inside, customized in all black
Everyday I'm just putting my cash in like its payday
Don't be asking for beef, unless its grade A
These gangsters like sha-nay-nay, dicks turn bitch with the AK
I pave today while you in yesterday's place

I came from nothing, now a nigga come up
We was at the bottom, in the gutter
Couldn't imagine this when I was younger
Racks up in the bank, bitches want the number
Most these niggas hate to see me come up
Niggas talking shit, that's why I keep the plunger
Niggas say they love the streets, well they don't love you
Free my niggas, free my baby brother

All of these niggas know me
Fuck with me they ain't 'gon eat
They bitch be open, I tell her no teeth
When it time to get dough then I tell her to leave
Everyday moving that work on the block
Bandz in my sleeve, waist got the glock
Trust in my team, they call me Barack
Take heat for me, live and die for the squad

Lyrical Verse Sample - Crisis
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Migos/Future Hook Sample - Flame
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Shook Ones Verse Sample - Flame
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It's uncovered, I wonder where the tunnels light is crumbling

Bricks supports sticks, guess what's condemned

I'm from the gutter shit, where stumbles get you plastic wrapped

Like wonder bread, dead, as blood comes from under skin

It's tough to live, so we sit slumped, roll a dutch and wish

That's why I spit saliva till my lips are dry and tongue is stiff

Rip rhymes I jot, the reason why my lungs exist

Punches miss, my lunges give concussions, each one a hit

Heavy weighted shoulders  and still I'm running quick

With this much you'd bitch, crush your shins

Cause you couldn't stomach this

Explode your lungs exposed, so what's the hit

You accustomed to gettin blowed, you must have tips

Punish percussions and plucks that strum for the fuck of it

Let me uncover the sun holding a pair of lungs with over mitts

Know the money dope
Dope money make the money grow
Play the trap like piano, get them fucking notes
Married to the money, never loved a hoe
Love money (x2)
Drug money, I move drug money
Dare you to try to take this from me
Watch that turn into blood money

I got you stuck off the realness, I be the lyricist

Frauds diminished, my pen carve like pyramids

Darts ain't sedative, regards when the serum hits

Your bars will only carry you as far as my belligerence

Every fiber of my cerebellum pestilent

My eminence is imminent, I guarantee your testaments

You parody, I'm death in flesh

In theory you were well equipped, now you live in hesitance


Trap Verse & Hook Sample - Crisis
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J Cole/Drake Hook Sample - Flame
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Punchline Verse Sample - Flame
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Slow in my Cadillac, candy painted whip
Gucci from my shoulders down, see how a player pimps
Alligator boots on, now and later temp
Got eyes on the money, and I ain't find a hater since

Since now the games legit, nickle of time, making me rich
Figure these rhymes can pay for a whip

Cop me a yacht and pay for a crib
Felt hate for a minute, thought I ain't gonna get it
What's wrong with my head like my shape up ain't finished
I'm ballin' with friends, this paper addictive
All eyes is on me and they aimed at the entrance
Nothing to say cause I said it, yeah
One hundred K on the dresser, yeah
And I bet it'll make you upset if I said

I spent it on a chain and a pendant, yeah
I'm seizin' the day, scheming for me to get paid

There's nothing for g's who afraid
It's a shame, if believe that you living a dream, you need to awake

They don't think I got it in me
I'll be on the come up while you falling asleep
I know that when you want to get on the team

It's going be too late
I don't need nobody in the crew that's two faced 

When it come to words, I'm the hangman
Put rappers to bed, sandman
If you bark, better have bite, got my fangs in
The way I spit rounds, think I was in Baghdad
They think they dope, it's no way though
Don't make flows, make tornadoes
Say my name, next you rocking a halo
Spreading your girl like a bagel

Storytelling Verse Sample - Crisis
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Drake/Childish Gambino Hook Sample - Flame
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Lyrical Verse Sample - Flame
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It's like the hour glass of life

free falling as I try to save about an hour a night

And I know I'll be the type to let it bleed out when it's out of sight

But the seconds I care about are the ones kept without a fight

Looking at me stressing cause I'm late

Like I'm in control, what can I do about my destiny today,

It's like the same sun setting with it's rays

Plus I'm the same one stressing about shit from yesterday

But if it never change I guess it's just the same

So a blink of an eye, millisecond of time

Is not worth remembering, I can easily forget you goodbye

But I couldn't even if I pretended to try, why

Cause it's a second alive, and I survived through too much 

To try to refuse it, so when I close my eyes and D-I-E,

I know I'm defined by the way I see

Hustling like I ain't even got nothing lose
Trust me nigga, I don't follow any fucking rules
I ain't Bob the Builder but you know I tuck a tool
I do whatever it take to make the money move (x5)

In the catacombs, scratching poems on the wall, manic flow
Attach my soul to paper, toxic burns, no antidote
Concocting words, cannons blow, for mockingbirds hang a rope
Put you in the pot and stir, got the urge and the hope
To put listeners under my syringe in splendor
Singing every word like a hymn, you surrender
The rest whispers in the wind, only pretenders
Rhyme or Reason, the time is here, hit enter 

Club Verse Sample - Flame
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Night to morning, I live in the street
Moving that work 'til a nigga deceased
Do what I do, cause we gotta eat
Y'all fall behind, my niggas don't sleep
On the block, they know who I be
If you come around, better roll deep
I don't dream, I get paid, count green every day
Jewels on my teeth, hundred K, that's nothing but change
You struggle to make ends, the world my playpen
Just the squad, no fake friends