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Special Orders

We here at Rhyme or Reason not only cater to Artists and Record Labels but we also cater to businesses and private buyers. Make someone's day or make your business memorable with catchy lyrics and a mezmerizing beat.

Free consultation and vocal coaching with any specialty order to make sure your special occasion or jingle is executed to perfection.
We do what our competitors try to do but better and for half of what the other guys charge

We custom ghostwrite a HipHop verse or song for a special occasion such as a birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, and even vows. 

Specialty Personal

  • We offer
  1. Lyrics
  2. Beats

Need a jingle for your business, but are tired of getting shafted by expensive low quality music to repesent your business?Look no further, we will not only Guarantee your satisfaction but work with you every step of the way to perfect the jingle to fit your business.

Business Slogans also available

Specialty Business
  • We offer
  1. Lyrics
  2. Beats
  3. Both Lyrics and Beats
  4. We will write, produce and record a jingle specific to your business with any info you need flawlessly adapted to the music.

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